Taking the steps into history. 

Today, racism is still very much present in America. It exists in every community, every city, and every state. It is time that this generation is taught the real history of African Americans. If we are taught the real history of African Americans, we may better understand the prevalence of racism in our country's past and present. Once we know our real history, we can create the tools to shape our future, a future without racism. We are our ancestors' wildest dreams. We have nothing to lose but our chains.♥

Why African American History needs to be taught.

- Learning this type of history helps students actually take their time to actually want to learn this kind of material 

-It would have students value their culture and want to learn it more since it hasn't been taught

- There's more to African Americans than what people think. Some only know of seeing a tv show, movie, or listening to things from the news or media

- Its important to learn about what history made us, why we have the rights we have today 

-Racism is still here today, learning this history you'll look at things different, more into other people's point of view what they have experienced during that point of history

-History will tell us what was behind certain things when it comes to slavery, to why it's disrespectful to say the n-word due to how slaves were treated

-No one is really educated with this type of history and it needs to be taught

Inspirational African American men 

Martin Luther King Jr. 

As you know he was famous for his inspirational speeches, he didn't believe in racism and wanted to be heard, and he will always be remembered. Everything that he did for everyone didn't matter white or black he fought for everyone and everyone's rights. 

Frederick Douglass

A former slave as you know, wrote his experience as a slave, he was a big leader in the 19th century against racism and slavery. His speeches and his journey throughout his slavery time

Nelson Mandela

Nelson campaigned a portion of his life, he was sent to prison for about 20 years, after being released he was elected as president in post-apartheid, South Africa.

Many more!

There are many inspirational African American men and these are just a few, but I'd love for anyone to comment more inspiring men that made an impact on today's society. 

Inspirational African American Women

Rosa Parks 

Everyone should know about her. Rosa stuck to her guns and wouldn't let a white person walk all over her she stuck to what she believed in, because of her that's why boycotts were on segregated buses. She made her stand and is still and always will be remembered for her bravery and the fight she drove.  

Harriet Tubman

Harriet was just amazing. She escaped from the underground railroad of being a slave and helped others escape too. With her help of being a slave during the civil war for the union forces and with her help, rescuing 700 slaves

Sojourner Truth

This women fought for women and black rights. She gave her famous "Ain't I a women" speech. She was born into slavery she had no choice no knowledge. Sojouner tried to help recruit black troops for the Union Army. In her journey which came to an end she had completed prison reform, property rights and universal suffrage.

Many more! 

There are many inspirational African American women and these are just a few, but I'd love for anyone to comment more inspiring women that made an impact on today's society.